The word Give, from the Greek language, is the term used to name the forest, which represents the values ​​we share: caring for the environment and the development of natural products that respect the principles of sustainable economy.

Give It is a distribution brand of healthy products for personal care and from home.
Our raw material comes from different resources of nature, which are obtained in a respectful way and taking care of your ecosystem.

Healthy products

Natural solutions

We offer solutions for personal and home care through products with unique stories to accompany you in your day to day.

Respectful towards the environment

Sustainable production

The products distributed by Dasos are obtained in a respectful way and taking care of each ecosystem, including biodegradable, compostable, toxic-free solutions and alternatives ...

Single value

Each product in detail

We select products designed and produced with handmade, social, local values ​​... We take care of people and take care of nature.

Circular economy and sustainable design

Presentation of one of the main Dasos suppliers

Uncut wood trees

Sintala creates designs with solid wood from urban pruning, forest cleaning, fallen trees or remains of manufacturing processes; Never cutting down trees. Its products have ecological and environmentally friendly finishes. With hardly any waste during production, 95% of its raw material can be used and the environmental impact minimized. Through artisan techniques accompanied by the latest technology, design and customization of products, Sintala produces natural solutions and pieces with unique stories.

"We seek the" soul "of wood; that which raw wood already announces what it will become. ”

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